Sometimes, I Can’t Even Say “Chinese”.

Speaking of others, as if anyone were; it is sometimes difficult to step inside the shoes of another person simply through empathy. Knowing that the world is growing rapidly each day in knowledge may have anyone wondering about the greener grass on the other side.

What would it really be like to live within another’s skin. What is it like to be white? or Chinese or from Russia or Bosnia. I am grateful to the web if only for my ability to feel a sameness with the rest of the world.. . Finding ways to communicate such as blogs, forums and discussion groups has been difficult for such an antisocial like me. Although I like to share myself with others because I feel as though I have a lot to give, however, joining groups online, for me, has been as difficult as it has been ,for me, offline…

I’m not faking it. Time constraints and simply finding that group of like persons is simple for myspace and twitter folk, however, I for one, am not quite sure about this TV thing either. I would like to find out how easy it really is to meet people, seamlessly, and allow others to touch so many parts of each other’s lives.

I hope for clear lakes, clear streams, clear waters also. Am I only dreaming?

Learn Chinese Anyway:

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