Looking Towards Heaven-Are Evangelicals stuck in a black hole?


Today presented a story about evangelical Christians who -have not made up their minds yet- about who they should vote for.

Seeking A Sign

Four years ago, these same “heavenly-minded” folks voted for a man named George W. Bush, and the world has never been the same.  God Help Us.

Then if, God is not a God of confusion. but of power, love and a sound mind- what is the confusion(s)?    

I would not have you believe that Evangelicals would vote for candidate without first finding out all in regards to their policies, Congressional Voting Records, their moral and personal values, background, eduction, homelife, etc.  However, after logging in many our on their knees, they STILL voted for Bush!

Seek ye first, information,

Then, you wouldn’t need  a “sign”

Or, dear ones is the sign you seek?  Already here.  Historically, in all the years that America has been voting for someone called a President of the United States, we have never had a man that old (McCain) or that’s black (Obama).  I don’t get it.  There are only (two) (!) candidates.  Choose life.  Having a 50/50 chance of getting into heaven (or riding the back of the heavenly bus, for those, black like me) seems like pretty good odds to me.

Are you somehow blinded by the light?

What is this? ask yourself. 

Was there anything good to come out of Nazareth?

Most Evangelicals I know can’t seem to make up their minds whether to scratch their watch or wind their butts, without trying to figure out what “pastor” has to say about it first.  and  I don’t care how long we spend on our knees, I believe God judges us on what we do after we get up.

Who am I to judge?.  What I know  would probably fit in a thimble.



Therefore, I decline to outright criticize the evangelical community.  But, I will offer one black woman’s opinion– (did you think I wouldn’t)

My family consist of , africans, Spanish/portuguese See:  “melungeons”  , native americans, and only GOD knows what else.

Mexican cousins, white cousins, -a “white” grandmother_- and a jewish brother-in-law. Tell me Eveez, whoshall I hate?  Who shall I love?  Who do I choose to leave here? 

How do I choose between what God has given me in life, and what “you” believe I should think, feel and act in regards to homosexuality, abortion, and on and on and on, -blog, blog, blog!

Some “church folk” and I refuse to call them “Christ-ians” (another Jessee Duplantis term), still believe that that people became black because Noah slept with his daughters, and when he woke up (hungover) he cursed (!) his own for looking at him “naked” .

 and there we go -Poof!  “The Blackness”

Is that black folks crime in America?

The WORLD saw America’s Naked(ness)  During Katrina.

Are black folks cursed by our 1’8 inch of “colored” skin?

Would you have us to beleive that black folk simply choose to not “see ” the degradation, poverty, denial of the equal education, lack of a level playing field in hiring,  the (un) equal housing of “justus” in “ghettos” and “projects” as God’s will?  Is the United States Census Bureaus seeking to district and (re) district us out of mainstream society (got liquor store?).  Should these things be taken  as a “sign” to “stay in our place”? 

 Why don’t we open the doors of the church right now and let a suffering, dying world come on in. 

 Why don’t Evangelicals lead the way in stopping hunger and poverty in America in our lifetime?  Why have I never seen lifted hands lifting some heads in the Kenilworth Avenue (areas) of Washington, DC.  and Cultivating Hope in the Rural South?  Proclaiming “the good news”? 

Yet, CNN would have us believe, that it is God’s Will that You, the “evees” have been ordained to choose ‘for us’ who should become our next President.

I’m sorry, and you can ‘church me’ for this, but I don’t happen to believe in religious ‘mob voting’.  Let’s stick to what we know.


Keep dividing the waters, leading the way so that others may know, true liberality and become Free.

Heal the sick.  Especially those who come to the alter each and every Sunday.

Visit those in prison.  Most of them are black.

Do good. Love An Other(s).

And stay off CNN.  replying?  Be careful, your microphone may still be on.


Signs and Wonders




A Group Project-





thanks for readin!




  1. Uncle Don said

    Girl, you hit it on the head, Do not change a thing,because everything you say is true,LOVE IT.

  2. Erersiomi said

    Cool issue, didn’t think this was going to be so stunning when I looked at your title with link!

  3. Thank you for commenting at my blog. I hope I did not offend.

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