Private Dick

I had thought of becoming a Private detective.  You know, a private investigator that goes around finding out all those juicy secrets about cheating spouses and information concerning missing people running from their rich families, find maybe a felon or two or someone obtaining disability all the while painting their house or out  riding horses.

No, not like Dog the Bounty Hunter, He’s a bit too greasy for me and I’m too black for him.  However, one like a female version of John Shaft and wear a sexy black trench coat with 6 inch heels and carry a badge or something to impress the men at my church.

Lord, how I’d love to carry a sweet pearl handled pistol in my stocking and a fat glock in my purse, a sawed off shotgun under the seat of a little red convertible.  Something like my brother’s 67 chevy, and all my girlfriends would date men who love them on a serious tip.

I’d drink Jack Daniels with the guys and smoke a fat cigar all the while regaling my escapades.

I’d be a devil in a blue dress and keep my nails only as long as the tips of my fingers.

…and then i woke up.


–thanks for reading!

-poppishirley (c)


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