Big Boobs

If you want to see me “go off my meds”, tie me to a chair and turn on Fox News.

It is like listening to Irish folk music played on a harmonica with one note. 

Personally, it only takes a few moments of listening to their “recounting” the news that my circuits break, smoke rises out of my ears, my eyes roll up to the ceiling. I go running for the remote,  arms flailing about like the robot in Lost in Space.

It is the only time when I truly do comtemplate shooting myself in the head to rid myself of their endless, turning and twisting into a “story” their version of daily local, national and world events.  Their stares into the camera remind me of crack addicts needing a “fix” for sensationalism.

What universe did these people come from?

It leaves me to believe that each of their resumes’ read “Psycho Killer in my former life” and at night they shed their skins and crawl into caves to await daylight.  It would seem their “female” versions only job description is -Sit on Couch, cross legs, smile and dye hair blond daily.

-thanks for reading

-poppishirley (c)


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