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I Dreamed. . .

That Barack Obama held me closely and kissed me madly…

that the United States had a majority in Congress and passed a National Healthcare Bill. . .


that My throat was covered in thousands of fish scales . . .

I have got to remember to turn the tv off before bed.. . …

-poppishirley (c)


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Kenny Latimore does Aretha Franklin

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A Red Bird is perched on a limb outside

The world is frozen

Her heart is warm.

The train is coming.

Her love on board.

He is her heart beat, the blood that rushes through her veins.

He is her heart, her heart.

Her heart is warm.

It is cold outside.

The train derails.

Her lover dies.

She sits alone in a window.

A Red Bird perched on a limb outside.

He is her heart.

Her heart is warm.

It is cold outside.


-poppishirley (c)

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Keep Living

Whenever someone raised themselves up and pronounced that they would or would not allow themselves or others to do, my Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Strange would say, “Keep Living”. 

It meant if you lived long enough that one day time and circumstance, death, taxes and cheating husbands would happen to us all.  “Keep living” she’d say.

God has said that He would turn our captivity, that those things that the devil meant for our bad, that he would turn it around and make it for our good.  Our job is to do like Grandmama said, “Keep Living”.

–thanks for reading


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Divine Comedy

My first grandchild KJ was a wonder to me.  I prayed for him in church one Sunday.  Sitting halfway the pews , I asked God to Bless my children, to let me live to see them grow up.  They were about 8, 10 and 12 at the time. 

God always gives you over exceedingly above all, we  could ask or think on April 24, 2003 gave me the most beautiful grandchild I could ever ask for.  I took him for his first visit outside and he would stick his head out of the blankets to look all around him at the world of birds chirping and the Carolina blue sky.  I gave him his first tickle and he smiled for the first time for me.  Oh what a privilege!

Not having had a baby in the house for nearly 20 years, I was taken aback at all the bottles, diapers, and whatall associated with having a baby in the house.  When ever he stayed with me, he was keep pristine, –I cannot say the same for my home.

When he cam into his terrible twos, I decided to take him down to my moms where he could see the baby chicks, eat grapes from off the grape vine and run around a big yard with the family dog, bear.

At times though my precious child knowing that his grandmother was drastically out of her area and that he truly had the upper hand when it came to his own child rearing he took total advantage of the situation that entire weekend.

He whined, yelled, sulked, threw tantrums and invariably kept me running as if I was Edith Bunker and Archie had just come home and someone had been sitting in his chair.

When my precious little boy left that afternoon, I was uprighting chairs and scraping something indescribable off the walls when my mother came to the steps and said, “honey, there’s someone on the phone for you”  I whirled Tasmanian devil style (bottom twisting, head staying still) and yelled, MOMA CAN’T YOU SEE I’M CLEANING UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

–thanks for reading

-poppishirley (c)

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Private Dick

I had thought of becoming a Private detective.  You know, a private investigator that goes around finding out all those juicy secrets about cheating spouses and information concerning missing people running from their rich families, find maybe a felon or two or someone obtaining disability all the while painting their house or out  riding horses.

No, not like Dog the Bounty Hunter, He’s a bit too greasy for me and I’m too black for him.  However, one like a female version of John Shaft and wear a sexy black trench coat with 6 inch heels and carry a badge or something to impress the men at my church.

Lord, how I’d love to carry a sweet pearl handled pistol in my stocking and a fat glock in my purse, a sawed off shotgun under the seat of a little red convertible.  Something like my brother’s 67 chevy, and all my girlfriends would date men who love them on a serious tip.

I’d drink Jack Daniels with the guys and smoke a fat cigar all the while regaling my escapades.

I’d be a devil in a blue dress and keep my nails only as long as the tips of my fingers.

…and then i woke up.


–thanks for reading!

-poppishirley (c)

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