A Blogger’s Prayer

This prayer is for BLOGGERS EVERYWHERE.

May we always remember our readers. Knowing what we know, that people need Hope, not only in word but in deed also, may we offer encouragement, comfort, knowledge and friendship.

May we always lend encouragement to each other and never forget to leave a comment.

Let us move on what we believe in, to continue to champion our causes, to spread the word, to seed the minds of our readers with new ideas.

Let us be problem solvers, never to become peace breakers and those who would stir up controversy for the sake of gaining stats.

And once we rise from our laptops and pcs that we fall to our knees and give thanks. Because we ourselves are touched by the needs of others, hence, calming the storm within ourselves.

Let us find encouragement within our community, and strength without.

May we remain creative.

May we have lots of readers and lots of comments.

Forgive any misspelled words, incorrect grammar, thoughts that may wander.

Make us Relevant Lord. Make us Relevant.

God Bless WordPress.

God Bless my fellow Bloggers. God Bless me-poppishirley.

Need a Little Encouragement Today?


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