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Things We Don’t Need, Now That Obama is President

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Along with things like afro combs and Madame C.J. Walker, I was -at once-wondering?? if, black folks would still be needing(in need of) those straightening combs and if that extra jar of beeswax no longer finds a needful place among YOUR shelves of needful things, send ’em to on over to my house, it’s mydayoff, and I’m having a REALLY bad Hair day.

Well, poppishirley for one is not too keen on ‘giving it up’ ‘just yet.

However, along with THOSE ‘trappin’s of ‘the blackness’ we no longer need ’cause we got US a black president: let’s do away with THESE too….

please cut and paste into your browser:

“can’t even do the “stanky leg”

“oh no he did ‘n”

“jowls for America”


“please just go away”

“never again”

“Mz. McCan’t”

“Jessica too”

“say it ain’t sooo!”

10. “Barney is my Dog”

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onehundredandfortycharacterslater………………………………..Help Save Darfur!.follow/twitter


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TLC Video

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A Blogger’s Prayer

This prayer is for BLOGGERS EVERYWHERE.

May we always remember our readers. Knowing what we know, that people need Hope, not only in word but in deed also, may we offer encouragement, comfort, knowledge and friendship.

May we always lend encouragement to each other and never forget to leave a comment.

Let us move on what we believe in, to continue to champion our causes, to spread the word, to seed the minds of our readers with new ideas.

Let us be problem solvers, never to become peace breakers and those who would stir up controversy for the sake of gaining stats.

And once we rise from our laptops and pcs that we fall to our knees and give thanks. Because we ourselves are touched by the needs of others, hence, calming the storm within ourselves.

Let us find encouragement within our community, and strength without.

May we remain creative.

May we have lots of readers and lots of comments.

Forgive any misspelled words, incorrect grammar, thoughts that may wander.

Make us Relevant Lord. Make us Relevant.

God Bless WordPress.

God Bless my fellow Bloggers. God Bless me-poppishirley.

Need a Little Encouragement Today?

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For the mountains will I take up a weeping and wailing, and for the pastures of the wilderness a lamentation, because they are burned up, so that none passes through; neither can men hear the voice of the livestock; both the birds of the sky and the animals are fled, they are gone. -Jeremiah 9:10


We have no tears for you, Darfur!

We have only frozen assets and falling 401Ks.

We have no tears for you, Darfur!

We must concentrate on readjusting our ARMS,
Our horror is contained in a faling stock market and loan modifications.

We have no tears for you, Darfur!

The price of our foie gras has risen!

No tears! No Hot tubs! No More Taxes!

We have no tears for you Darfur!

But do not think your cries fall on deaf ears.

The dusty path your feet tread will not always be lost in bipartisanship and bickering.

We cannot sit back and no longer care for you, Darfur!

HDTV is on the horizon. We must prepare ourselves for transitioning.

No tears for you, Darfur!

We are too busy.

We twitter, we iphone, we blog, we surf, we chat, have we not time for starving, beaten, raped, punished, thirsty people in some far away desert somewhere?

People of Darfur! We do not know your names. You are not listed in our facebooks, you have no banners on

We have not tears for you, Darfur!

But we have feet, and we will STAND WITH YOU, we will join the fight against those who deny you your humanity.

We have hands, and we will reach out to you.

With our hearts we SEE you.

WE have no tears for you, Darfur!



How we can help:
Blog About Darfur!

Educate About Darfur!

Raise Money for Darfur! Make a Video!


Terror in the Sky!

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The Swine flu and Rush Limbaugh

No, it wasn’t the Pandemic that shut Rush Limbaugh up. Finally, after this years election and subsequent loser Republican Party, someone has cowered ol’ puffcheeks into his conservative corner.

He has now called Sara Palin, “the most prominent and articulate voice of the Republican Party”. Since the Republican’ts both hate and fear Meez. Palin, Limbaugh is bright to glow rosily over the Turkey Killer Lady.

Oh well, when all else fails, I guess they could just dance:
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