Welcome to Red Hill Baptist Church

On this Sunday, I felt like posting about my church. I attend Red Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham, NC. My Pastor is Reverand Gregory Hopkins.


I have been to a lot of churches and I like this little “Church By the Side of The Road”.

If you are like me, I need Jesus, I like going to church and enjoying the “corporate worship” with others. That’s what church is for, right? After all, you can pop in a video, like Bishop T.D.Jakes, Pastor Eddie Long and numerous wonderful ministers of any flavor you want. However, having a local church is important because you have other people that are supposed to feel your needs and fullfil them with prayer and ministry.

Your local church strengthens the community. Without our local churches, our faith based initiatives would be a monumental task to undertake in regards to logistics alone.

Your local church is the Conerstone of every community. Children grow and learn when in Sunday School they learn early, discipline, love and respect.
Got a local church? Attend today. Contact your local pastor and when you connect, help, tithe, teach, be a friend to somebody. Pick a family in need and do what you can. Mow their lawn, deliver groceries, do what you can and God will ALWAYS Bless You.

Help Develop ways to help feed the community. Local churches can do so much to end hunger and save many children from the effects of the inability to obtain fresh fruits, vegetables and farm produce such as fresh eggs, milk and cheese.

Most of all, God put us all on this earth to take care of one another. Right? So the local church is a great way to reach out to others in our own perspective communities and as I’ve said on my blogs before,

when we get up off our knees…do something.

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for Reading!

God Bless~


If you don’t have a church to go to this Sunday, you are welcome to visit here: tell’em “poppishirley” sent ya!



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