If We Are The Body

Volunteering is the wonderful way to get us out of the mess we’re in today.
Volunteers all across America are changing the face of poverty and ending hunger in America, arms reaching, hands healing.
Volunteering helps others by feeding the poor, clothing the naked, giving hope and providing an opportunity for all of us to give that very special part of ourselves to others who desperately need it. If all of us gave, maybe we could end the need for WELFARE.

There are thousands of ways to volunteer, the first and I believe, the most beneficial is to start in our own communities. Volunteer at your local Homeless Shelter, Food Bank or Food Distribution Center. Visit a Nursing Home, send discarded clothing to your local Salvation Army.

Lend a hand to a neighbor or friend in need.

Send some CASH! If you don’t feel you can lend a physical hand, send money to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless or help others in need.

Do it today.

You can go here: to learn more about ending HUNGER IN AMERICA.


Show Them There Is A Way.

Thanks for Reading!

Poppishirley-“The Body”

Casting Crowns, If We Are The Body


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