Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and Reverse Discrimination

Around the second grade, I leaped from my warm bed, one Christmas morning, and in my pjs, ran to my brother’s room to give him a shake, without saying a word, our feet scurried off to the living room where my sisters and brothers had gone off in the woods and brought home the biggest tree they could find. I remember them dragging the great tree in and my sister delegating (her usual job) where it would sit and which ornaments would be hung where. I curled up with the scent of pine that hung in the air for days after.

I remember bursting through the door, where we both stood in utter horror and amazement to find only the presents we had wrapped for family members, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. No dollies, no bells, no bright shiny rumpa tum tums.

Shocked beyond measure, we raced to the bedside of momma and daddy. Momma, we gushed, Santa didn’t even come last night, no, this couldn’t be true, this wasn’t happening, certainly we did not awake too early because the sun was already up. Surely a thief was in our midst.
Momma turned over heavily and with sound sleep in her voice said. “He didn’t? (I began to disbelieve) Momma knew EVERYTHING, including our secret hiding places, and the dead rat under the can outside.

Maybe he left your presents somewhere else???

But where? we, searching the ceiling and the curtains at the window to see a wave of santa’s hand and his big ho ho ho and to all , have a good night.

Well, he must have left them***********in the closet************* (belief gone)

As I played with my dollie, and my whatever I got that Christmas, I knew, for me, that Christmas, forever more, would never be the same. That I had been living a lie all of my 6 or 7 years and that a great ‘ruse’ had been perpetrated, against me, for, my benefit.

Discrimination laws especially those written in the 60’s legislated against:

The disabled/handicapped
based on sex (gender)
age (senior citizens)
religion (baptist no longer had to sit in the back at board meetings)
race, hiring practices merely based on skin color and not merit, education. etc.

So, for all those walkers who have been discriminated against because you feel you should have a wheelchair too, I say: yours is in the closet. It’s always been there. Maybe, you just were too busy looking elsewhere that you didn’t see it.

I’m still working on that tooth fairy thing though.

-thanks for reading!



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  1. Robor said – da best. Keep it going!

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