Not for ‘Cowards’

Speaking about Racism.

We ARE a Nation of Cowards.
Try as I might to stay away from controversial issues, alas, I cannot. I will be posting a new series pertaining to the Discussion of Racism. Hopefully, you are not one of ‘them’.–a coward.

Are we truly a New America? or, are we still stuck in foot kissing. Like a new boyfriend, mouth kissing is fine, but when we bend to toe kiss, we, like a new boyfriend will eventually….stand up.

Let’s talk about race, baby.

I hate hating folks. I hate folks hating folks. Hate captures the hater in a vortex which eventually consumes the hater until he/she is good for no more than, well, hating.

Growing up and living black in America, I have known indiscriminate hate. That’s hate for no reason. My (black)ness speaking for me before I enter a room, or a job interview.

I have tried to even see why white supremist hate (everybody). I have looked over both sides, as best I could, however, have not come up for one, solid, valid reason to hate someone (just because).

This post is not meant to give over to any judgment from any side. This post is meant as a sounding board, if you will, to simply address ideas and suggestions, -relevant ones, please-, on How Can We As a Community of Bloggers Reach Out To One Another and Speak, Openly and Candidly About Race.

This Post is not for ‘Cowards’



  1. Corey Minor said

    sorry miss spelled a word in my comment. Here is the corrected comment.
    I agree to an extent with what you are saying. I too am sick of all of this racist crap polluting our society, but what people in our world don’t realize is that racism is, has, and will always be a part of the world. No matter how hard we try to get rid of it, it never really goes away. Most people believe all that we need to get rid of racism is for everyone in the world to start getting along. The thing is though that not everyone in the world can’t get along. As long as we continue to have wars or political arguments among countries, we will always have racism. Basically what im trying to say is that racism is in our world and will always be in it whether we like it or not so we all need to just realize that.

  2. My Dear Mr. Minor,

    Then are you saying that there should be no discussion about it? How can we so wisely debate the type and breed of a dog, yet, when it comes to talking about differences in cultures of individuals within our own society, our fear takes over and we suddenly have little to say. Yet Historically, systematically, Americans refuse to address (still) the disparate treatment of one group over (or rather, under) another right here in America?

    Do you feel that America has gotten better because Barack won?

    Do you see real change?

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