Zora’s Song

“Drenched in Light”

I am not religious.  I am not what you might call “a church girl”.

But it is with that leap ( of faith) I take, each day from shore to shore, stepping from mountaintop to mountaintop, my world… God given.It is that one moment in time when I am most awed, when He reveals Himself to me… Holy.  It is the wet silver dewdroplets of morning.  The soft puffs of fog that sit gently there, a brief scene privy only for me,  (on my ride to work).

It was the reasuring ‘thud’ of my father’s footsteps and the ‘pat, ‘pat of momma baking bread.  It is that first morning stretch. It is the pen and ink , and chair and table, and light and lined paper of my scratch, scratch, at midnight, alone, and, “in my words”.  It is my, their, there.

It is the sweet coconut maccaroon cookies, warm-with-milk kisses of my grandbabies, in sleep.  The feel of the inside of my pretty yellow pocketbook, with the perfect straps.

I am not perfect.  But the God I serve, living on the inside of me…He is. I own perfection.  Hump! Like Oprah!

I am not a perfect lady, not a Hero–like ‘Sully’.  Not a ‘church girl’.  I am perplexed with what is ‘deemed’ love, I am not particulaly religious…but, understood Zora,who like me, believes, that everyone can be

….”Drenched in Light”



  1. bnieder said

    This is a wonderful blog. Very honest, deep, and true. Nobody’s perfect, and I’m not that religious either, although I strive to be, and with God on your side, you can’t fail there. And He is present in the smallest of things, from dewdrops to a foggy landscape. I couldn’t agree with you more there. Your writing has a good streak of dry wit to it. Very funny too.

  2. You sound pretty perfect to me B. -poppi

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