The Return of Yosemite Sam

I awake most mornings quite early.  Just in time to watch what once was the HUGE teeth of Lou Dobbs asking the same question each time, “Will the Obama Administration do away with the rights of ALL  Americans?” Stay Tuned.

Like his big teeth, the words to describe Mr. Dobbs’ tone and choice of topics to address simply, doesn’t fit my mouth.

Well respected among his peers, I’m sure.  However to be “outstanding in your field” is not enough.  I find Mr. Dobbs’ views to  be a ‘bit’, like Anderson Coopers’, -jaded-.

An I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (you know what I mean?), not a Socialist, like Bernie Saunders from Vermont (Bernie could teach him a thing or two).

Mr. Dobbs seems to believe that  the U.S. is trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights (to bear arms) by banning Assault Rifles like the AK 47,

which the Attorney General, Eric Holder, says would aid the fight against drug smuggling in Mexico.

These weapons, highly attainable from many sources , are mainly used by , the military, drug dealers, the klansmen, nazi skinheads and men perched in college towers.


My daddy hunted.  Not so much for sport, mind you, I’ve never heard my daddy once yell, pull! 

 My family lived and ate from the land.

Hunting for in season meats rounded out our diet of beef, pork and chicken.  My daddy’s deerhead is still mounted on the wall at my mom’s.

No bears, no tigers, oh my!

I spent many Autumn days, crunching leaves behind daddy as I followed him along on his foraging through the woods.  “See there”, he’d stop me suddenly in my tracks, “that’s a rabbit hole”, he’d say, or see ‘there’ something big came through there”.  A bramble of sticks and leaves and moldy wood sent my mind rasing with stories I’d make up about the forest.  The southern pines trees overhead whispering whoo whoo whoo’s that in my forest?

Imagine what kind of blog I’d be writing now, if daddy had raised an AK 47 and sprayed the woods with bullets???!!!!!!

Daddy owned many guns.  Over the years I grew to both admire and respect them.  Watching while he showed my brothers how to clean and then shoot them, I longed to hold the long black barrel and to pull the trigger myself.

In 4-H- camp one summer in Franklin County, Virginia, I got to do just that.  I signed up for Rifle Class (I was the only girl).  A young white boy lifted the gun into my arms, showed me where the target was and where to put my finger on the trigger and …squeeze. 

BOOM! A loud thunder, knocking the rifle against my unprepared shoulder.  The Bruise I got, I proudly showed to daddy that summer.  From then on he’d let me (out of moma’s sight) handle his guns .


However, you can’t just go around, wearing guerrilla outfits and  running around in the woods, hollern’ n shootn’ up the place and preparing to go to war with your fellow man.

Freedom (ain’t) FREE!

and ANYONE supplying Weapons of Mass Destruction, such as these  in this country should SPEND some time in JAIL!

PULL! Mr. Dobbs.


Thanks for Reading!

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