The RNC–Gettin’ All “Jiggy” Witit

“MISTER” , no not Danny Glover from the Color Purple; but that “other Negro”, Michael Steele, Blackhead of the Republican National Committee announced last Thursday that he would “bring sexy back” to the RNC, “stimulate it’s lower parts” (the south) and further promised to “shine” the image of the Republican’ts by Hippity Hoppin’ into the hearts of mo’ black folks, Hispanics and ‘others’ who might feel a ‘bit’ disenfranchised from their otherwise old man brand of politics.

However, no matter how many “tokens’ the Republicans feed into the jute box, they’re still playing that same sad, sorry song.

One cannot blame the RNC for “calling for some blackup” after this years’ election, but REALLY!

Simply changing white face Mr. Jolsen, er, um Mr. Steele,  didn’t work for Whoopie and it can be said that it will not work for the present day RNC.  In other words, folks just ‘ain’t buying what you are selling.

Congressional Republicans and the RNC have become what the New York Post “monkey” should have been, but wasn’t….a joke, a caricature of itself.

MISTER Steele promised to “put a little tussin on it” and make those old goons more “Bootylicious” for our youth (politically, that is)

Excuse me, but Is Michael Steele and Juan Williams from FOX NEWS under some kind of “kryptonite spell”?

‘fa shizzle, my nizzle.

This is the RNCs “MOST COWARDLY” act yet.  Preaching “True Americanism” in one hand and practicing partisanship, race baiting, division and fear mongering with the other.  These last eight years has shown the American People the most damaging displays of ineptness, callousness and just plain big headed(ness) that caused the demise of our financial system and birthed rock bottom confidence among the very people they pretend to represent.

Billionares are starting to eat themselves.  Regurgitating at the feet of a -drunk with excess- Wall Street, waking up the next day in bed with people they don’t even know.



Let me Holla’ at you, Bro.

It’s not your methodology, but your ideology that (diss)es me.  A ‘bit’ of compassion for your fellow man (not just the RICH ones) would help to garner more support in the coming elections than, foot stompin’ n finger poppin’ ever would. 

How does it feel REPUBLICANS to have to get Buns of STEELE now, after all these years?  Muscles sore?  Go Baptise yourselves in the waters of Katrina. 

(Breath)   You’d better be glad I’m saved, or I’d tell you a thing or two about yourself…but Ima Christian Woman…

Renew your mind, by being kind and maybe, just maybe we’d let Mr. Steele  hang out with some ‘pretty cool ‘crats’

The Black Caucus


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