The vindication of “OCTUMOM”

You would have thought Bill O’Reilly, himself,  gave birth, the way the media has carried on over the birth of the Eight plus babies out in California.

Most recently, I saw an opinion Poll where 70% of people had “no mercy” for this woman.  They said she is going to be a drain on the welfare system and that she is “irresponsible” and “outrageous”.

Comming from a massive family myself, I’m glad my Uncle Percy (16) and Ms. Williams (22) didn’t make the news. 

However, I do understand folks’ fear.  After all, she is asking to move in with those 70% of folks and you can best believe they are all piling there cars right now with food and pampers to take over to her mothers.  I’m sure many of them are there right now, cleaning her house and organizing it so that the babies will have a warm spot to sleep.  I don’t blame folks (in a way) times are too hard for (the media) to have one more mouth to feed.

I do feel awful sorry for the grandparents though.  Like many they will have they will have the  extra burden of helping their grandchildren grow up (hopefully) to become productive adults long after CNN, MSNBC and the FOXY news have moved on to another “newsworthy?” event.

As for me.  The media is to blame for all the HATRED thrown at this woman, she has failed even before she has had a chance to begin.  I have no judgement or critisim for her and her family.  I only have hope and a prayer:  Lord, let those judging, be able themselves, to handle the judgement.  It is easy to sit back and say you shoulda, woulda, coulda, instead of doing what we all need to do in this country, bad economy or no.

Help one another.  That’s how Uncle Percy and Mrs. Williams did it.  I hope “OCTUMOM” does it too.

What do you think?

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