Snot Easy Being Green

Recently after visiting with a friend who has a small son, I came down with a cold. 

Trolling the pharmacy aisle seeking immediate relief from a full head, ache body and sore nose, I began wondering, as I was wandering.  Filled to capacity, every aisle seemed to contain every ingredient from the Amazon.  What’s right?  What’s wrong?   So I decided to do a little research first. list tips on how to avoid the common cold altogether, including staying away from those infected.  Been there done that. advised to call the doctor if I got worse, or threw up.  hmmm.  gave a list of places you could go to get “immediate” help.

Other than drinking plenty of fluids, taking aspirin and staying in bed, there are simply no “new” remedies I could find except this one thing that you shoot up your nose.   I Opted out on that one.

Well, I finally got rid of that cold by using my “Grandpas 2 Hat Method of Cold Relief”

1.  Put a Hat on the Dresser

2.  Get in Bed

3.  Pull lots of blankets over yourself.

4.  Sit a Bottle of Wiskey beside the Bed.

5.  Drink till you see (TWO HATS!)  Cold gone.

Thanks for reading!

Got a remedy for the Blues?

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  1. Gilbert Wilkerson Sr. said

    Girl, your stuff is still too funny.

  2. Hi Gill! Glad to see you still online and reading!!!!

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