On Being “Popular”

In High School, I guess you could say that I was a “popular” girl.  Not because I was especially pretty or smart, but because I had the particular ‘talent’ of convincing others to “do” stuff.  Like one time I told Hilda Trent to “faint” and a group of us got out of Miss. Watkins homeroom to help drag Hilda down the hall in a schoolchair.  There, we  happily dangled our feet from the examination table and drank coca colas at the nurses station while waiting for our “patient”  to “recover”.

As I have gotten older, and Hilda has since been “cured”, I admire admiration less and less.  Choosing instead to become somewhat of a hermit, especially in winter, when I am found curled up with a book and a  clicker in a warm spot.  Through the years, I have found a certain peace in visiting with myself and getting to know the “me” I am.  Searching out my own soul’s vibration, not needing the comfort (non given) of others.

Lonely, no. Alone, yes.

However, I’m not mad at folks like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, my girl Beyonce, Britney Spears or the Republican Party for “showing off” when ‘hit’ full frontal,  with a spotlight.

It is unimaginable for most of us loyal viewers to be so at ease in public, all the while, being photographed at every pimple breakout, every boyfriend/found/lost/-eating binge, every hiccup on “Twitter”, each broccoli-between-teeth moment caught on tape and flashed across every device known to man. (as I write in mix match pajamas, wool socks and a sweater!)

However, celebrities including Britney Spears, the Republican Party and Rock Stars should do with Common Sensewhat “Mister” told “Mz” Celie” about the Stove (in the Color Purple)

You! USE IT! sometime!

Careful ladies and gents when you know you are “sans” underwear, fighting with your baby’s daddy, taking your clothes off in front of a camera-totin’ boyfriend named “Ray J” or throwing a piece of legislature to the floor.

In a word –DON”T–

“The Haunting” of it is unending, a permanent investment.

Again, “What the Hecksa Poppishirley anyway?”, who am I to speak?.  I preach to myself, first.  After all I am not a celebrity, don’t have a hair stylist, food stylist , lobbyist group or a mother who gets 10 percent.

So I guess I’ll stick to Raising My Own Kids.


Got a “popular” belief?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for Reading!



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