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The Return of Yosemite Sam

I awake most mornings quite early.  Just in time to watch what once was the HUGE teeth of Lou Dobbs asking the same question each time, “Will the Obama Administration do away with the rights of ALL  Americans?” Stay Tuned.

Like his big teeth, the words to describe Mr. Dobbs’ tone and choice of topics to address simply, doesn’t fit my mouth.

Well respected among his peers, I’m sure.  However to be “outstanding in your field” is not enough.  I find Mr. Dobbs’ views to  be a ‘bit’, like Anderson Coopers’, -jaded-.

An I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (you know what I mean?), not a Socialist, like Bernie Saunders from Vermont (Bernie could teach him a thing or two).

Mr. Dobbs seems to believe that  the U.S. is trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights (to bear arms) by banning Assault Rifles like the AK 47,

which the Attorney General, Eric Holder, says would aid the fight against drug smuggling in Mexico.

These weapons, highly attainable from many sources , are mainly used by , the military, drug dealers, the klansmen, nazi skinheads and men perched in college towers.


My daddy hunted.  Not so much for sport, mind you, I’ve never heard my daddy once yell, pull! 

 My family lived and ate from the land.

Hunting for in season meats rounded out our diet of beef, pork and chicken.  My daddy’s deerhead is still mounted on the wall at my mom’s.

No bears, no tigers, oh my!

I spent many Autumn days, crunching leaves behind daddy as I followed him along on his foraging through the woods.  “See there”, he’d stop me suddenly in my tracks, “that’s a rabbit hole”, he’d say, or see ‘there’ something big came through there”.  A bramble of sticks and leaves and moldy wood sent my mind rasing with stories I’d make up about the forest.  The southern pines trees overhead whispering whoo whoo whoo’s that in my forest?

Imagine what kind of blog I’d be writing now, if daddy had raised an AK 47 and sprayed the woods with bullets???!!!!!!

Daddy owned many guns.  Over the years I grew to both admire and respect them.  Watching while he showed my brothers how to clean and then shoot them, I longed to hold the long black barrel and to pull the trigger myself.

In 4-H- camp one summer in Franklin County, Virginia, I got to do just that.  I signed up for Rifle Class (I was the only girl).  A young white boy lifted the gun into my arms, showed me where the target was and where to put my finger on the trigger and …squeeze. 

BOOM! A loud thunder, knocking the rifle against my unprepared shoulder.  The Bruise I got, I proudly showed to daddy that summer.  From then on he’d let me (out of moma’s sight) handle his guns .


However, you can’t just go around, wearing guerrilla outfits and  running around in the woods, hollern’ n shootn’ up the place and preparing to go to war with your fellow man.

Freedom (ain’t) FREE!

and ANYONE supplying Weapons of Mass Destruction, such as these  in this country should SPEND some time in JAIL!

PULL! Mr. Dobbs.


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The RNC–Gettin’ All “Jiggy” Witit

“MISTER” , no not Danny Glover from the Color Purple; but that “other Negro”, Michael Steele, Blackhead of the Republican National Committee announced last Thursday that he would “bring sexy back” to the RNC, “stimulate it’s lower parts” (the south) and further promised to “shine” the image of the Republican’ts by Hippity Hoppin’ into the hearts of mo’ black folks, Hispanics and ‘others’ who might feel a ‘bit’ disenfranchised from their otherwise old man brand of politics.

However, no matter how many “tokens’ the Republicans feed into the jute box, they’re still playing that same sad, sorry song.

One cannot blame the RNC for “calling for some blackup” after this years’ election, but REALLY!

Simply changing white face Mr. Jolsen, er, um Mr. Steele,  didn’t work for Whoopie and it can be said that it will not work for the present day RNC.  In other words, folks just ‘ain’t buying what you are selling.

Congressional Republicans and the RNC have become what the New York Post “monkey” should have been, but wasn’t….a joke, a caricature of itself.

MISTER Steele promised to “put a little tussin on it” and make those old goons more “Bootylicious” for our youth (politically, that is)

Excuse me, but Is Michael Steele and Juan Williams from FOX NEWS under some kind of “kryptonite spell”?

‘fa shizzle, my nizzle.

This is the RNCs “MOST COWARDLY” act yet.  Preaching “True Americanism” in one hand and practicing partisanship, race baiting, division and fear mongering with the other.  These last eight years has shown the American People the most damaging displays of ineptness, callousness and just plain big headed(ness) that caused the demise of our financial system and birthed rock bottom confidence among the very people they pretend to represent.

Billionares are starting to eat themselves.  Regurgitating at the feet of a -drunk with excess- Wall Street, waking up the next day in bed with people they don’t even know.



Let me Holla’ at you, Bro.

It’s not your methodology, but your ideology that (diss)es me.  A ‘bit’ of compassion for your fellow man (not just the RICH ones) would help to garner more support in the coming elections than, foot stompin’ n finger poppin’ ever would. 

How does it feel REPUBLICANS to have to get Buns of STEELE now, after all these years?  Muscles sore?  Go Baptise yourselves in the waters of Katrina. 

(Breath)   You’d better be glad I’m saved, or I’d tell you a thing or two about yourself…but Ima Christian Woman…

Renew your mind, by being kind and maybe, just maybe we’d let Mr. Steele  hang out with some ‘pretty cool ‘crats’

The Black Caucus

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–Channeling “StepInFetchit”

CNN Saturday said,

“Congress has already allocated 10.8 Trillion Dollars for the Rescue Plan.

“The National Debt (what we owe) is 10.8 Trillion Dollars.

“The President is spending money already allocated”.

My eyes bugged out.  I couldn’t speak, I scratched my head, mumbled incoherently, shuffled by feet and am still …………all google-y-.

a bit of black history:

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“Madea” Counts to One

“Comedy is important to me”, understates Tyler Perry (whose) TBS sitcom, House of Payne,  appears regularly.  Most recently he won the NAACP Image award for, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?

On Feb 20, 2009, Tyler Perry appeared on Larry King Live to say, “no, not ever”, when queried, Have you ever dressed in drag, other than your character?

The beautiful Mr. Perry accompanied by a gorgeous woman beside him at the BET Honors prompted many to ask, Who is that girl with Tyler Perry? Homeless to Millionaire, Tyler Perry has formed his character “Madea”, (a cross between black mothers, grandmothers and aunts) into a full, vibrant,  personality, WE KNOW HER. 

 “Everything in my life, I take it to the screen”, said Perry.  And take it to the Screen, he did.

This weekend Tyler Perry’s Movie:  Madea Goes To Jail hit #1!

“Madea Goes to Jail”,  establishes for me a new category of movies to watch for from him in the future.  The “Safety Pin” category (i made that up) ’cause honey you will need an extra safety pin after you pop your pants! seeing “Madea”,I’m not angry, not taking it and unapologetic about it all kept the audience, (including me) holding our stomachs from laughing one minute and “givin’ us something real” in the next.  Keisha Knight Pullium ( brought a “believable” crackhead/prostitute/down-n-out sister (reformed), also lending credibility to Perry’s depth as a Producer.   

See what had happened was”  Madea n’nem….. well, go see the movie


We continue to wish Mr. Perry all the best.  It can be said of the comic genius of “Madea Goes To Jail“.  This is One Brother that truly has his “act” together.

Have you seen “Madea Goes To Jail” yet?

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The vindication of “OCTUMOM”

You would have thought Bill O’Reilly, himself,  gave birth, the way the media has carried on over the birth of the Eight plus babies out in California.

Most recently, I saw an opinion Poll where 70% of people had “no mercy” for this woman.  They said she is going to be a drain on the welfare system and that she is “irresponsible” and “outrageous”.

Comming from a massive family myself, I’m glad my Uncle Percy (16) and Ms. Williams (22) didn’t make the news. 

However, I do understand folks’ fear.  After all, she is asking to move in with those 70% of folks and you can best believe they are all piling there cars right now with food and pampers to take over to her mothers.  I’m sure many of them are there right now, cleaning her house and organizing it so that the babies will have a warm spot to sleep.  I don’t blame folks (in a way) times are too hard for (the media) to have one more mouth to feed.

I do feel awful sorry for the grandparents though.  Like many they will have they will have the  extra burden of helping their grandchildren grow up (hopefully) to become productive adults long after CNN, MSNBC and the FOXY news have moved on to another “newsworthy?” event.

As for me.  The media is to blame for all the HATRED thrown at this woman, she has failed even before she has had a chance to begin.  I have no judgement or critisim for her and her family.  I only have hope and a prayer:  Lord, let those judging, be able themselves, to handle the judgement.  It is easy to sit back and say you shoulda, woulda, coulda, instead of doing what we all need to do in this country, bad economy or no.

Help one another.  That’s how Uncle Percy and Mrs. Williams did it.  I hope “OCTUMOM” does it too.

What do you think?

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Snot Easy Being Green

Recently after visiting with a friend who has a small son, I came down with a cold. 

Trolling the pharmacy aisle seeking immediate relief from a full head, ache body and sore nose, I began wondering, as I was wandering.  Filled to capacity, every aisle seemed to contain every ingredient from the Amazon.  What’s right?  What’s wrong?   So I decided to do a little research first. list tips on how to avoid the common cold altogether, including staying away from those infected.  Been there done that. advised to call the doctor if I got worse, or threw up.  hmmm.  gave a list of places you could go to get “immediate” help.

Other than drinking plenty of fluids, taking aspirin and staying in bed, there are simply no “new” remedies I could find except this one thing that you shoot up your nose.   I Opted out on that one.

Well, I finally got rid of that cold by using my “Grandpas 2 Hat Method of Cold Relief”

1.  Put a Hat on the Dresser

2.  Get in Bed

3.  Pull lots of blankets over yourself.

4.  Sit a Bottle of Wiskey beside the Bed.

5.  Drink till you see (TWO HATS!)  Cold gone.

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On Being “Popular”

In High School, I guess you could say that I was a “popular” girl.  Not because I was especially pretty or smart, but because I had the particular ‘talent’ of convincing others to “do” stuff.  Like one time I told Hilda Trent to “faint” and a group of us got out of Miss. Watkins homeroom to help drag Hilda down the hall in a schoolchair.  There, we  happily dangled our feet from the examination table and drank coca colas at the nurses station while waiting for our “patient”  to “recover”.

As I have gotten older, and Hilda has since been “cured”, I admire admiration less and less.  Choosing instead to become somewhat of a hermit, especially in winter, when I am found curled up with a book and a  clicker in a warm spot.  Through the years, I have found a certain peace in visiting with myself and getting to know the “me” I am.  Searching out my own soul’s vibration, not needing the comfort (non given) of others.

Lonely, no. Alone, yes.

However, I’m not mad at folks like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, my girl Beyonce, Britney Spears or the Republican Party for “showing off” when ‘hit’ full frontal,  with a spotlight.

It is unimaginable for most of us loyal viewers to be so at ease in public, all the while, being photographed at every pimple breakout, every boyfriend/found/lost/-eating binge, every hiccup on “Twitter”, each broccoli-between-teeth moment caught on tape and flashed across every device known to man. (as I write in mix match pajamas, wool socks and a sweater!)

However, celebrities including Britney Spears, the Republican Party and Rock Stars should do with Common Sensewhat “Mister” told “Mz” Celie” about the Stove (in the Color Purple)

You! USE IT! sometime!

Careful ladies and gents when you know you are “sans” underwear, fighting with your baby’s daddy, taking your clothes off in front of a camera-totin’ boyfriend named “Ray J” or throwing a piece of legislature to the floor.

In a word –DON”T–

“The Haunting” of it is unending, a permanent investment.

Again, “What the Hecksa Poppishirley anyway?”, who am I to speak?.  I preach to myself, first.  After all I am not a celebrity, don’t have a hair stylist, food stylist , lobbyist group or a mother who gets 10 percent.

So I guess I’ll stick to Raising My Own Kids.


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