pump action in right hand , automatic in left. 2 ink pens sticking outta her afro, dressed in outfit same color as the background, -negros invisible anyway, -smart- waist cinced with length of colorful (drinkable plastics)! garden hose w/triple attachments.

“GREEN” DUCKIES sticking out of her (small) purse, an Oprah read, airline schedule and pen signed by Obama himself, tucked neatly in her small purse.

Entourage carrying Bags and Shoes.

nappy heads of two toddles stapped to her back can hardly be seen behind her in papoose

pocketsize copy of ‘the bit’, and green “yew” pin visible (always) cash on hand 40GZ.

Suddenly, whilwind and flourish, secret service sweeps up glass ceiling, then exits stage left.

smell of Mississippi smoke, oreo cookies and milk and a monkey or too can be heard overhead.

in a -flash drive

she is gone

grandma calls to her


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