$718 Billion Reason Why You Should Advertise To Black Folks.

In the book, WHAT’S BLACK ABOUT IT.  By Pepper Miller, and Herb Kemp 

The question is answered.  Why is most all advertising geared toward the black community is in some way a negative impact on our communities and our future world.  That questions is easy.  It is simply money

Black folks speak English, don’t they?  So the book queries. Black blacks are going to buy anyway right?

Not so says I. I am an informed consumer.  Have never stepped foot inside a starbucks and a -seldom- partaker of the “dainties” of walmart.

Black folks, according to the census, “what ‘they’ say”, have $718 Billions dollars in DISPOSABLE- income and spend it on high tech gadgets, automobiles, clothing, eating out, and lots of other -advantages- their generations before us never had. 

Yet, (here I go)  I find not one paper factory owned by African americans in this country, I am an Ignorant woman, but wouldn’t that mean that blacks folks can’t wipe their own mules without permission.  I don’t see much -progress- past that Edmund Petis Bridge, but I am the one holding that thimble, remember.

so.  The next time someone asked Why You Should Advertise to and through the black community, just tell yourself it’s the same train, going in the same direction…we are just changing conductors.




A Group Project-


‘man on fire’ Ross Jakubowski “How I ended up in Rehab”:  How to Retire Early and Rich


blackVT writer’s project–“Rivers and Streaming” Coalition of black artists and writers Project





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