So, you think you can go to a black family reunion and not have to do the Electirc Slide?

if the links don’t work, copy and paste into your browser!
2 winter
3 on stilts! well you get the idea!,
4.clappin on the up’beat
5 stepnfetchit

6. ah africa!

7. prom date

8. everyone can’t dance!

9.close the curtains myrtle! grandmas doin’ it!

10 hammachacha

11 pooh n nem

12 do you know susie?

13 cheeee chi

14 stuck in the eighties! or was it the nineties, i dunno reekee.













  1. Gilbert Wilkerson Sr. said

    I cannot undersand why they name a dance the Electricl slide. First of all there is no electricy involved, unless the sliding of feet and the swaying of bodies create some strange unknown force that help people move in sync. I personally have not felt this current while on the floor.
    I as a black man am deeply offended when I go to a function such as a family reunion and everyone jumps on the floor and moves to the music, some just jump in in the middle and move along with everyone else. When I jump in and try to move to the music it is obvious that I am the only one out of step. This is deeply distirubing when you cannot move with the rest of the black population.
    I am a black man born in the south. My mama was born from a black father and racialy mixed mother, but my daddy was black. I am black (although people say I am high yellow) legally and morally. Therefore I should be able to do this Electric slide but feet and brains refuses to multi-task on this function. Somewhere down in my genes the Electric slide is without electricty. So to all the people who do the electric slide at family reunions, Something’s wrong with ya’ll

  2. poppishirley said

    aw, shut up, get in line and here, have a “cookie”!

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