What the Hecksa poppishirley, anyway?



The answer to your question:

Yesterday yet another mega bank, IndyMac, succumbed to tighter credit regulations, falling home prices, and rising foreclosures, according to USA Today. 

I do not know what a trillion dollars of debt looks like, but it sounds pretty bad to me.

 I can barely pay my Master Card bill.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and just plain debauchery in diverse places confront each of us daily.

However, somehow, in our own everyday lives we have to find a way to rise above these issues and share a laugh or two with someone, feed a hungry child or visit the elderly person living in a nursing home. 

Wars and rumors of wars have been and will be with us until the end of time.  Our world today

is different to say the least.  Today we face the effects of global warming, the threat of nuclear war(s), and the (fear (?) that a black man will become President, shaking to it’s core, the very foundation of our American political system(s). 

At times, it (seems) too much to handle.

Yesterday, I wrote about my mom and her fight for her rights here in American as a woman, who happens to be black.  I got to thinking, as I sometimes do, about the world and all that’s in it.  How we take for granted clean water and safe toys for our children.  We enjoy a roof over our heads (well most of us) and cars that can handle gas at $10 a gallon.   

My mother, her mother, her grandmother, and those who came before them lived or shall we say, achieved life, the hard way.  The very, hard, way.  Through blood and tears, with sword and shield, they lived somehow, they survived, no, they, LIVED. 

Death, tax ID.’s, and divorce happens to us all, however, if we can somehow manage to catch a glimpse of sunshine each day (well, maybe not here in Vermont) or, If we can learn to dance in a meadow, alone, or kiss the face of a quietly sleeping child.  Then we can laugh when the clown falls down (again) just because it’s still funny to a 5 year old and hold the hand of a grieving friend, then that, my dear reader is: The Kill Point.

When we come to that moment in time life truly does make some kind of sense to us.  That when we reach the moment when God looks us in the eye and says, “Well Done” then and  only then will all queries, obtain answers.  Then, grasshopper, it is imperative that we make each moment count… every moment count, no matter how small, insignificant or trivial it may seem to anyone else.

What the hecks a poppishirley anyway?  Well, I would like to tell you that at some great moment of the history in my life (I wax poetically, here) I stood in a great meadow of green.  All around breathed the color of earth and sky and just beyond the meadow, one bud, poked its head toward the sun.  I plucked it up, took it home, looked it up in my gardening book, and voila!  A Blog is Born!


Like I said, I would like to tell you that, but knowing of your wit, character, and not withstanding the fact that you probably would not believe me anyway, I must confess.

 Back this winter I stood looking over our Free Table at work, searching through for (something?needful).  Practically overflowing with things co-workers choose to share and, baring that uh, hem, paycheck, the best -bene- the j.o.b. had to offer, I spied, partially hidden, among warm sweaters, gadgets for the kitchen, tools, a mouse, a keyboard, and items I could not identify, I glimpsed a tiny packet of garden seeds.  Brought them home and planted them.  Outside today, poking their heads toward the sun, are my flowers.

Poppy, Shirley the packet read.


Created by God, and given –freely-. 
Taking them as a creation of my own.  They remind of friendships and kindness and that winter will soon come again.  Of Giving Time and Attention to small bright things.  Of times in life that are good, like today, knowing that my family in Vermont, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, New York and points beyond, are safe and happy and that they are free. 

 That tonight no man will stand at their door with gun, and harm, in hand.  That they are –somewhere- under the same stars experiencing love, laughter, full stomachs and (fighting) time with their families in front of TV, HDTV<CD and DVD!.

 It is with that Hope that we never take for granted that here in this too costly, too busy, too much to handle (sometimes, it really is) world that we Not take for granted those things placed before us that are simple, and




            Moreover, free...



Thank you for reading






  1. John Wilson said

    Thanks for the encouragement in a dark world where we think
    about what we don’t have and fail to thank God for what we do hove..
    I need more poppishirley in my life!

  2. Uncle Don said

    Very well put, its Deep and I can understand it.

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