Hello from Vermont!


I am an African American Female Living in Vermont.  Not at all a great feat withing itself, however, with the population of AA’ s EXPLODING! from 1% several years ago to a whopping 7%!, we decided to form a Coalition.

I write creatively and try to hear the voices of my past to honor and respect our anscestors who paid such a heavy price for freedom.

My blogs may be a little, well, no, a lot controversial (Bring Back Slavery!) at times.  However, I do want to start a dialogue in America on Race Relations and obtaining a more perfect “union” of minds within and without the black community.  It is all about History, not Hate.  I hope to bring “something new” to the table. 

Although we plan to discuss many topics here , religion, History, Sports, Gardening, New Technology, Entertainment and The Arts, oh yeah! and our favorite, poly (many) tics (blooksuckers) our main focus is to bring together a “community of “Strangers Yet To Meet”


African\Americans Living In Vermont-Group Project


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  1. tara said

    greetings auntie,
    looking forward to reading your blogs.

  2. John Wilson said

    Your blog is great! excellent job,.I enjoyed reading it, but it me made me think
    of how it must have been..horrible..Go Mama!.
    and the sad part is racism is thinly disguised today..its very prevelant..
    we haven’t come very far..like they want you to believe..
    You are a very good writer..I’m proud of you..and keep on telling it like it T-I-S
    I really see a future for you with your talent and skillz as a writer..
    no joke…just keep writing..I’m on your team..and your biggest
    fan ~j~~

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